Chairman Greetings

Yonhap News, will put it right through the people’s media.

A private press led media ecosystem, An unfulfilled public media

And there’s the importance of public media. Public media, which are not owned by the nepotistic, chaebol and religious groups, such as the Yonhap News Agency and the Korean Broadcasting System (MBC), but which has a public ownership structure, have a duty and ability to clean up the corrupt media ecosystem. Fair personnel, independent editorial rights and relative freedom from the pressure of advertising make it possible.

But you know, past nine years during the Lee Myung-bak, Park Geun-hye administrations, the public press has done nothing like that. Public media executives was not able to cope with the pressure of the regime, and it was common for them to violate editorial rights by being close to power. They betrayed their master, the people

The same goes for Yonhap News Agency and Yonhap News TV.
Criticized by the public for not acting as a public media and for his biased reporting and distorted reporting. Board if directors has neutralized the institutional system of editorial independence.

It was the KONAC that elected these executives.(MBC is a Culture for broadcasting, KBS is board of directors)

The Konac and ohters  are  legal organization that describes the ” public ownership structure ” of the public media, which could be abstract. Undertake an important role in supervising management and management and the elected executives, not play their part in the Lee Myung-bak & Park Geun-hye administration.

The candlelight revolution brought in a new democratic government, and under a new democratic government, a new fifth news conference was formed. The fifth news promotion association, consisting of two government recommendations, one National Assembly speaker recommendation, one ruling party, one opposition party, one newspaper association and one broadcasting association, has promoted the total number of directors so far.

The fifth KONAC committee will revive the status of national telecommunications service providers.

Our fifth KONAC committee has already successfully elected new management of Yonhap News Agency in March. In the process of selecting executives, we removed all outside influence and held an open policy briefing for the first time among the general citizens, which resulted in the most innovative and efficient process. But we don’t just elect a management team, but over the next three years, the Yonhap News Agency is going to get rid of all of the problems of the past’s wrong human rights system, and we’re going to be independent from all kinds of outside interference, political and economic power.

There is a saying that chick hatches from the egg, the mother hen pecks the egg together outside.

The same holds true for Yonhap News to become a national telecommunications company. We need the support, encouragement, and rebuke of the employees of the Yonhap News Agency, who are awake with their bitter reflection and determination. The fifth KONAC committee will take the initiative of the inmates and put it as a channel to deliver the reform will of the Yonhap News Workers..